Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Chuckle

You may not be laughing if you're in one of those
cars but I thought this was hilarious...

♥ ~ ♥ p.s. happy birthday amazing hubby of mine ♥ ~ ♥


  1. That is funny! I commute from my bedroom to my home office in the next room but I still see that sign sometimes! :)

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! Sadie hopes he gets lots of treats!

  2. same here Sharla! bedroom to bathroom to latte machine to sewing room...i rarely hit any traffic unless hubby has the day off!!!

    hubby says thanks Sadie - i gave him lots of treats today by looking up some older Sadieday posts LOL he was happy!

  3. Awww - I wanted to stop by again and tell you "thank you" for the story you put in my comments. That made me feel SO much better :) Your Dad sounds like he was a really special guy ;) ((Hugs)) ---and Milan? WOW!!

    Oh and I think you just got the longest comment ever award ;)

  4. i'm thrilled to hear you didn't fall asleep reading my novel! and yes Angela my Daddy was truly amazing!!!

    Molto Grazia Cara Angela di e` award...Italian for thank you very much dear Angela for the award!!! :) i don't know how to say award yet LOL


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