Friday, December 31, 2010


MY OH MY - another year's gone by!!!
it's been ages since i've blogged.
i've missed the blog world very much.

during my absence i've been working diligently on a wonderful new project. MYMINIMOCS.COM is now speaking italian and thrilled to be branching out into the european market place. i'm working with two amazing women (sisters) that have planted themselves deep into my spirit and share my view points as an independent business woman. one sister resides here in the states and the other is in milan italy! this past year has had its share of heartache, challenges and self-discovery all leading me to this place of new beginnings... and it feels good!!! (scary but good)

mini-mocs blog will still focus on things that i find interesting and post worthy but with a new twist. we are going to be bilingual and welcome all of our national and international followers thoughts and comments. we'll explore and share ideas about mini-mocs products, events and all things baby.