Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TIME!?... What's that!?

Sorry to say all my intentions of getting back in here to blog regularly were good but the time I needed to do it was no where to be found. 

Hope to get back here again sometime soon, but in the meantime you can always find me over on facebook, instragram or twitter

Monday, August 12, 2013

So Happy to be Made in America

Hey blogger-world it's been ages since I've posted a blog. It's been on my mind & heart to get back to it...and then "life" happens and I get sidetracked again - BUT NOT TODAY! I thought it would be a perfect day to start my journey back into the blogosphere by sharing info about an upcoming adventure I'll be embarking upon here in Northern Michigan. 

Recently I (Mini-Mocs) was invited to participate in a traveling show that goes cross country stopping in different locations spreading the good news about AMERICAN MADE products! I loved the concept behind it from the first time I heard about them when they did a show in Novi, Michigan earlier this year.
Well they're back in Michigan and the Made in America Roadshows is heading up to the beautiful city of Boyne. The show will be set up as an indoor/outdoor venue at the base of Boyne Mountain in the Grande Lodge. That alone rocks my world and gets me excited about going but to top it off there will be 70+ vendors & businesses presenting & selling there MADE IN AMERICA cool!!! It's event that is sure to have something for everyone. 

As summer is coming to a close and kids will soon be heading back to school what better way to spend a couple days being surrounded by beautiful atmosphere, enjoying the Taste of Michigan food & wine tent and discovering the wonderfully talented artisans & quality products the are MADE IN THE USA!  

There is one more reason to join in the fun, and it's an important one! Saturday evening at 5:30 the Made in America Roadshows will host a live auction to benefit Angel AmbassadorsAngel Ambassadors is a non-profit that will help Veterans and active duty military members and their families with needs that are not covered by military benefits. With our help, they can help with something as small as a gas card to go to a doctor appointment or as big as a house remodel for a world war II Veteran. The guest auctioneer is none other than GAC's Auction Agent Col. Christie Hatman  


Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

Because "smart" is such a vague term, I thought I would break down the brain-boosting benefits of motherhood into the five most likely "smart" attributes: perception, efficiency, resiliency, motivation, and emotional intelligence. All of these categories have been supported by many animal studies as well as some human studies designed to show how mothers have an edge. 

The category of perception deals mainly with the five senses. A study I found very interesting showed that pregnant women had sharper "visual acuity" than women who weren't expecting. This study certainly didn't imply that expectant women suddenly had 20/20 vision, but they were more aware of detail that they may have overlooked prior to pregnancy. Other studies have also showed that pregnant women have an enhanced sense of smell which researchers believe serves as a way to protect the unborn baby from foods that are potentially harmful.
Furthermore findings show that expectant women can experience a boost in motivation, fearlessness, and the ability to multitask and cope with more stress. Exciting new research also suggests that oxytocin — a hormone important to labor and breastfeeding — improves a moms' capacity for learning and memory.
Emotional intelligence is the most definitive category in which mothers benefit. This brain boost for moms acts as the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes. In most of life's relationships, if you don't agree with a person you can just walk away, but you can't walk away from your child. At least, not if you want to be a good parent. Instead, you've got to stretch your mind to understand their point of view. In no way did any of these studies suggest that women who weren't pregnant were lacking in any of the five researched areas but instead they simply confirmed that the changes women were noticing in themselves were in-fact valid and accurate.