Monday, May 28, 2012

♥ ~ More than Monday ~ ♥

They made it their duty to
protect & serve... 
it is our duty to honor and remember!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Sweet Little Wiggle Worm 

After spending 9 months curled up and cozy in your womb, a newborn can now move with absolutely no restrictions on their limbs. Babies don't know quite how to control their body movements in this new free range world. A small wave of a baby's arm can become a wide swinging motion. Babies are also born with a natural reflex called Moro, or the startle reflex. When an infant feels like they are falling or if they're startled, they will react suddenly with jerking back & forth motions of their arms and open hands. This natural reflex fades at about 3 months of age. Because prior to 3 months your baby's neurological system is still developing, there are more electrical impulses being sent to their tiny muscles than are necessary. This electrical impulse overload can cause a baby's chin to quiver or legs to tremble. As development continues and the neurological system becomes more organized, your baby's movements will begin to calm. Most quivers are nothing to worry about, but see a doctor if your baby's shaking is rhythmic or if a trembling limb doesn't stop when you touch it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kitchen Chit-Chat

We are moving on! Today the electrical, lighting wiring, ceiling fixtures & plumbing have been that means we're officially moving onto the floor! This is going be a HUGE undertaking because we have to scrap the floor by hands before we can sand...but oh how I'm longing to see those pretty oak floors come back to life after being covered with glue and 3 layers of ugly flooring!!!

Our beautiful new LED lights are in and shinning brightly. They're so soft on the eyes, yet way brighter then our old fixture and 4 of the LED'S use less electricity than just one bulb from the old retina burning fixture we used to have. CHA-CHING on the $$$avings. Paul did tons more wiring to get ready for the overhead sink fixture and the under the cabinet lighting too but it's to hard to show in pics. 

Our beautiful copper plumbing now place behind the wall instead of coming up through the floor...this will add 9" more inches of cabinet space under the sink. Everything Paul is doing is ALL about maximizing every inch of our kitchen. YEAH!!! 

SIDE NOTE: Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!! Thank You for 15 WONDERFUL Years!!! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kitchen Update we're a little further along now than these pictures show but between work, the remodel and all the other household stuff I'm a wee bit behind. We're still focusing on the electrical - Paul found quite a few issues that had the potential of being really dangerous... so while we're down to the bare bones he is making the necessary repairs! glad we're getting this done. Three of the electrical boxes he found were wired incorrectly & had actual solder marks on them from being SO hot... very scary for sure!!! Thank you Lord for protecting our home! So the photos below are from last Friday. We now have LED high efficiency lights in the ceiling and we're wiring for the outlets, overhead sink task light and under the cabinet lighting today! (we took yesterday off) 




Monday, May 21, 2012

More than Monday!

I was looking through some photo's from shows I did last year and came across this one! That face, that smile, those happy feet... for me that's what it's all about, the true inspiration behind every pair of Mini-Mocs I make! 

Inspiration comes in different ways on different days for all of us...
...What inspires you ?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

After nine months of nurturing your little treasure, the day has come when you will welcome your baby into the world. You've pictured that perfect little person for SO long and when you meet them face to face... hmmm, your baby's head looks a little strange, even cone-shaped at first. This oddity is because baby most likely spent hours wedged in the birth canal. Perfect in design, a baby's skull has openings that allow it to change and alter its shape. This flexibility protects against skull fractures and possible brain injury during a natural vaginal delivery. 

Along with their "funny" shaped head a baby can also have nostrils that appear a bit squashed if they slid out on their nose during delivery. A baby's eyes can appear swollen because fluids can sometimes accumulate under the skin. Rest assured however that your baby is a work of art in progress and a little patience will soon reveal the angelic beauty you always imagined.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Kitchen Chit-Chat

Well the kitchen remodeling is officially under way. Paul Rochon, the builder & designer  I mentioned in the last post started our work on Tuesday at 9:00am sharp. He was happy to see we had done our homework, packing everything in the kitchen up and for extra credit ripping out the old kitchen floor. He was able to get right into stripping everything down to the bare bones. Pictures of that will be coming soon. After the first post about our kitchen remodel a couple people sent me emails saying the kitchen didn't look in that bad of shape, just a little outdated, (which was nice to hear but it just goes to show pictures really can be deceiving) I thought it would be fun to take a closer look today at just how bad it really was.

1.) Goodbye to cabinet doors that pop open & vibrate when the dishwasher is running. 

2.) Goodbye to drawers that won't close all the way anymore. 

3.) Super jagged edges on the tile that I cut manually before I knew what a wet saw was. Lots of ripped clothing from those edges over the years and the face of this under sink cabinet is broken & pushes in when you lean on it while doing anything at the sink. 
4.) Plywood shelving in one of our cupboards to replace the ones that fell apart. You can see how the whole cabinet is totally falling apart. lovely isn't it. (and for anyone who is wondering...yes that is a "ninja" blender. it's a great kitchen tool we love it.)  

5.) The bottom of the drawer above rubs on the cabinet body & drops lovely little wood chip shavings into this cabinet yes I have to wash my dishes twice...once before they go into the cabinet & once before I can  use them. I wipe up the little chips everyday but by the time i'm done preparing a meal it looks like this all over again. I can't wait to see how much we save on our water bill. 

6.) I'm sure at one time, like back in 1954 this was considered functional corner cabinet space...but sorry when hubby or i have to get down on all 4's and squeeze & twist into and 11" opening just to get to a pan or a bowl it's time for a change. 

7.) I can't wait to get rid of this retina burning light fixture. We're replacing it with sleek new LED recessed light fixtures. 

8.) Stuff everywhere and nothing fits because of poorly designed cabinets & pantry. It's wonderful to think that in our newly designed kitchen there will be a place for everything with room to spare. 

9.) Hubby doing what he love to do...tear thing apart! SHHhhhhhh......He doesn't know I photoshoped Demo-Man on his shirt. 

10.) 3 Layer of ugly plastic flooring covering up what will be our "new" fabulous oak wood kitchen floor...with lots of sanding and a little TLC. 

11.) TA-DA...just gotta get under the stove & fridge. 

12.) Construction has officially begun....Please take everything including the kitchen sink!!! 


I'll be back with more photos as the project moves along...until then if you are looking for a really talented & trustworthy builder/designer for any type of project...from a remodel, additions, furniture or even a new home we would highly recommend you consider working with Paul Rochon, Inc. He has done projects large & small for clients all over the country.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

More than Monday

Today is a really exciting I'm going to start documenting my kitchen redo project! For years this project has been a dream. When my hubby & I bought our home in 1999 I knew immediately something had to be done about the kitchen. We had put almost every penny we had saved into purchasing our home and that left NOTHING for a kitchen remodel...but I knew living with flowered wall paper and yellow/brown wood cabinets would drive me insane. So I did what any desperate person does....they do it themselves. Now I have to say on an $1,100.00 dollar budget i made MAGIC happen. I tore down the wall paper and tiled the backsplash, countertops, behind the stove and a couple of walls. I refinished the wood cabinets with distressed paint technique (that I had never done before, & it turned out pretty darn good if I say so myself) and painted the remaining wall surfaces shades of ice blue & white & deep navy. It looked really great, bright, clean & more updated. The cabinets were in structurally rough shape even back then and now 13 years later I've done my time in this bandaged up kitchen and it's time for a professional facelift. I'll be posting photos & updates as we go through the process of taking our 1954 kitchen with a little 1999 makeover into a 2012 dream space. The MOST IMPORTANT detail about this whole story is the very unique & wonderful designer/builder we are working with on this remodel. He is a top notch cabinet maker. EVERYTHING is made by hand and no detail is too small. No cookie cutter stuff with this guy. Everything is being designed & made, not to fit our space BUT to fit AND maximize our space perfectly! This is a dream come true. What makes this builder so unique is the fact that he is willing to work with us, using the things we can do in the labor arena to help offset our tight budget. I have worked with enough contractors over the years to know they prefer it when you're not around...not this guy! If you want to get your hands a little dirty to help keep costs down he's good with that and if you'd rather sit back and watch the magic unfold he can make that happen too. We are thrilled to be working with such a talented, honest & sincere businessman. So here we go... the first "Kitchen Remodel" blog entry. The break down of the kitchen started last Thursday but before we go there I want to show you how the kitchen looked before hand.
There is a whole laundry list of things I don't like about my kitchen but these are what stands out in these photos.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

OH MY!!! 
 This is a bit of a sensitive subject, but it's something that new parents should know before the big day comes and baby boy arrives. It's not out of the norm, your tiny newborn baby boys testicles are... put it delicately...huge! Before your hubby takes credit for juniors' special gift he should know that this is true of ALL newborn baby boys. Swelling of the testicles is actually caused in part by the pressure that is exerted on your baby during birth and  fluids that get trapped in the tissue. Also, all new babies still have Mom's hormones circulating in their body. For boys, these hormones mean enlarged testicles and for girls, they cause the labia to swell. Your hubby will stop patting himself on the back after a couple of days as swelling subsides.

Monday, May 7, 2012

♥ ~ More than Monday ~ ♥

Here in Michigan we have been having some cooky up & down temps BUT finally Spring is springing....

...and the lilacs outside my office window are bountiful this year!!! The fragrance coming in the through the screen inspires such a relaxed feeling while I'm working!!! 

Inspiration comes in different ways on different days for all of us...

...What inspires you ?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

This fact may tickle your funny bone...

Babies are born with approximately 300 bones. These bones eventually fuse and grow together to create the 206 bones found in the adult body. Some of a baby's bones are made of soft, flexible cartilage, allowing them to be less prone to bone breaks when learning how to roll over, crawl and walk. This explains the common saying that babies are made of rubber.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More than Monday ~ MINI- TIPS for MINI- MOCS ~ Edition

With all of the playful & natural activities your child does each day: running, jumping, crawling ... it is possible that the suede flap of their Mini-Mocs may require some sprusing-up from time to time! Keeping your suede flap Mini-Mocs looking their best is easy. Simply use a stiff bristle brush and give the flap a few passes to renew the original beauty of the suede nap. It is good to brush the suede nap prior to machine washing as well. Hope you found this tip helpful. Remember if you would like to order any of our Mini-Mocs products you can visit our website at or our Etsy Store at and now at our newest online location