Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kitchen Chit-Chat

We are moving on! Today the electrical, lighting wiring, ceiling fixtures & plumbing have been that means we're officially moving onto the floor! This is going be a HUGE undertaking because we have to scrap the floor by hands before we can sand...but oh how I'm longing to see those pretty oak floors come back to life after being covered with glue and 3 layers of ugly flooring!!!

Our beautiful new LED lights are in and shinning brightly. They're so soft on the eyes, yet way brighter then our old fixture and 4 of the LED'S use less electricity than just one bulb from the old retina burning fixture we used to have. CHA-CHING on the $$$avings. Paul did tons more wiring to get ready for the overhead sink fixture and the under the cabinet lighting too but it's to hard to show in pics. 

Our beautiful copper plumbing now place behind the wall instead of coming up through the floor...this will add 9" more inches of cabinet space under the sink. Everything Paul is doing is ALL about maximizing every inch of our kitchen. YEAH!!! 

SIDE NOTE: Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!! Thank You for 15 WONDERFUL Years!!! 


  1. Wow, your lighting is beautiful! Now you can see what your cooking lady! I'm anxiously awaiting the pics of those beautiful floors! Looks like you guys are moving right along!

  2. Thanks Melana! things are going really smoothly! even bumps in the road don't feel like bumps when you're working with a good builder. i can't wait for the flooring either...i've heard they're really easy to keep clean and looking good. i know that's how the hardwood is in the rest of my house but Shhhh...i'm a bit of a messy cook so i was a little nervous about wood - but everyone i've talked to including the builder has said hard wood is a perfect kitchen floor surface.

  3. Happy 15th Anniversary! =)
    Hope you have a great day today and enjoy it together.

    The new lighting in the kitchen looks amazing...I'm jealous. Can't wait to see how the floor turns out. =)


  4. Looking good Annie! I can't wait to see the floors either! We didn't have hardwood under our flooring so we just have boring tile. :)

    Happy Anniversary to you and Tony!

  5. Thanks ♥ Kim,,,we had a beautiful Anniversary hope yours was happy too! i'll keep more photo's coming as we move along. :)

    Nothing boring about tile ♥ me if we didn't luck out with the wood floor tile would have been my first pick. after living with that hideous peel & stick yellowed poo-poo since 1999. LOL i may have even settled for the tarps that are down during construction - they're machine washable ya know. LOL :D


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