Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Kitchen Chit-Chat

Well the kitchen remodeling is officially under way. Paul Rochon, the builder & designer  I mentioned in the last post started our work on Tuesday at 9:00am sharp. He was happy to see we had done our homework, packing everything in the kitchen up and for extra credit ripping out the old kitchen floor. He was able to get right into stripping everything down to the bare bones. Pictures of that will be coming soon. After the first post about our kitchen remodel a couple people sent me emails saying the kitchen didn't look in that bad of shape, just a little outdated, (which was nice to hear but it just goes to show pictures really can be deceiving) I thought it would be fun to take a closer look today at just how bad it really was.

1.) Goodbye to cabinet doors that pop open & vibrate when the dishwasher is running. 

2.) Goodbye to drawers that won't close all the way anymore. 

3.) Super jagged edges on the tile that I cut manually before I knew what a wet saw was. Lots of ripped clothing from those edges over the years and the face of this under sink cabinet is broken & pushes in when you lean on it while doing anything at the sink. 
4.) Plywood shelving in one of our cupboards to replace the ones that fell apart. You can see how the whole cabinet is totally falling apart. lovely isn't it. (and for anyone who is wondering...yes that is a "ninja" blender. it's a great kitchen tool we love it.)  

5.) The bottom of the drawer above rubs on the cabinet body & drops lovely little wood chip shavings into this cabinet yes I have to wash my dishes twice...once before they go into the cabinet & once before I can  use them. I wipe up the little chips everyday but by the time i'm done preparing a meal it looks like this all over again. I can't wait to see how much we save on our water bill. 

6.) I'm sure at one time, like back in 1954 this was considered functional corner cabinet space...but sorry when hubby or i have to get down on all 4's and squeeze & twist into and 11" opening just to get to a pan or a bowl it's time for a change. 

7.) I can't wait to get rid of this retina burning light fixture. We're replacing it with sleek new LED recessed light fixtures. 

8.) Stuff everywhere and nothing fits because of poorly designed cabinets & pantry. It's wonderful to think that in our newly designed kitchen there will be a place for everything with room to spare. 

9.) Hubby doing what he love to do...tear thing apart! SHHhhhhhh......He doesn't know I photoshoped Demo-Man on his shirt. 

10.) 3 Layer of ugly plastic flooring covering up what will be our "new" fabulous oak wood kitchen floor...with lots of sanding and a little TLC. 

11.) TA-DA...just gotta get under the stove & fridge. 

12.) Construction has officially begun....Please take everything including the kitchen sink!!! 


I'll be back with more photos as the project moves along...until then if you are looking for a really talented & trustworthy builder/designer for any type of project...from a remodel, additions, furniture or even a new home we would highly recommend you consider working with Paul Rochon, Inc. He has done projects large & small for clients all over the country.  


  1. Oh wow! That is a lot of work! It will be so nice to get rid of all those problems and just have the kitchen of your dreams! Love the Demo-Man shirt! LOL

  2. Goodness there is a lot of work! So happy you are having your kitchen remodeled! It is, after all, the most important room in the makes hubby happy when you cook him dinner!

  3. That is SOME kitchen project Annie! I'm loving that there was wood under that floor tile! That is going to be beautiful! Such a mess but SO worth it in the end!

  4. thanks is a lot of work and a real challenge to prepare meals. the builder put my stove up on a dolly so he can move it when he's working and i can cook on it when he's done in the evenings. but once the floor is being worked on it'll be a steady diet of microwave dinner ***YUCK*** but it'll be worth it in the end.

  5. Wow, what a lot of work Annie! I'm so happy you were able to do the remodel you wanted. I think the kitchen is the most important room of the house. I love to cook also and there is nothing like sharing good food with family & friends while enjoying great conversation and maybe a little vino ( or in our case, margaritas, LOL). Can't wait to see the finished project! Blessings sweetie.

  6. thanks Lisa...can;t wait to show you -miss you! HUGS


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