Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

12 Things You May Not Know About Babies

My baby's head looks strange - After nine months of nurturing your little treasure, the day has come when you will welcome your baby into the world. You've pictured that perfect little person for SO long and when you meet them face to face... hmmm, your baby's head looks a little strange, even cone-shaped at first. This oddity is because baby most likely spent hours wedged in the birth canal. Perfect in design, a baby's skull has openings that allow it to change and alter its shape. This flexibility protects against skull fractures and possible brain injury during a natural vaginal delivery. 

Along with their "funny" shaped head a baby can also have nostrils that appear a bit squashed if they slid out on their nose during delivery. A baby's eyes can appear swollen because fluids can sometimes accumulate under the skin. Rest assured however that your baby is a work of art in progress and a little patience will soon reveal the angelic beauty you always imagined.


  1. That is one beautiful baby!
    You are blessed!

  2. Sew that is an image i selected for the article. you're right i would be so blessed if that beautiful baby was mine :)

  3. I've never been around newborns but have heard about how this happens. It's just all amazing to me!

  4. yes for sure Sharla - we are wonderfully created!!!

  5. My son looked like a turtle. Or an old man when he was born. The cord was wrapped around his neck so I sometimes wondered if that is why it had such stretched out and wrinkly look to it. Three years later you would never know!


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