Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

12 Things You May Not Know About Babies
OH MY!!! -  This is a bit of a sensitive subject, but it's something that new parents should know before the big day comes and baby boy arrives. It's not out of the norm, your tiny newborn baby boys testicles are... put it delicately...huge! Before your hubby takes credit for juniors' special gift he should know that this is true of ALL newborn baby boys. Swelling of the testicles is actually caused in part by the pressure that is exerted on your baby during birth and  fluids that get trapped in the tissue. Also, all new babies still have Mom's hormones circulating in their body. For boys, these hormones mean enlarged testicles and for girls, they cause the labia to swell. Your hubby will stop patting himself on the back after a couple of days as swelling subsides.


  1. if it has to do with baby health and/or informing new parents of things that might not be something they expect...nothing is off limits!!! LOL glad it's filed ;)

  2. LOL! That's a fact that all new daddys should know but will probably conveniently forget!

  3. I did not know that! Yet again another amazing baby fact from Minimocs! :)


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