Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

12 Things You May Not Know About Babies

Why Do Babies Have Ants in Their Pants?
After spending 9 months curled up and cozy in your womb, a newborn can now move with absolutely no restrictions on their limbs. Babies don't know quite how to control their body movements in this new free range world. A small wave of a baby's arm can become a wide swinging motion. Babies are also born with a natural reflex called Moro, or the startle reflex. When an infant feels like they are falling or if they're startled, they will react suddenly with jerking back & forth motions of their arms and open hands. This natural reflex fades at about 3 months of age. Because prior to 3 months your baby's neurological system is still developing. there are more electrical impulses being sent to their tiny muscles than are necessary. This electrical impulse overload can cause a baby's chin to quiver or legs to tremble. As development continues and the neurological system becomes more organized, your baby's movements will begin to calm. Most quivers are nothing to worry about, but see a doctor if your baby's shaking is rhythmic or if a trembling limb doesn't stop when you touch it.


  1. Once again, such interesting facts Annie! I know some adults who have ants in their pants! :)

  2. LOL Sharla i agree - i'm not sure we actually loose all the ants in our pants!!! :)

  3. Great info Annie! And I agree with Sharla....can't sit still much myself!

  4. thanks Mel!!! well being a stepper and all it's good to have a few ants in your pants! ;)


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