Monday, April 25, 2011

♥ ~ More than Monday ~ ♥

About 5 years ago my brother & his wife gave me the incredibly generous gift of traveling to Ireland with them & my mom. This past weekend I was going through my photos from the trip and found some from our visit to the Cliffs of Moher. Although the entire trip was AMAZING, this place, these cliffs and the sound of the ocean some 700+ feet below took my breathe away and still does when I look at the pictures.

Inspiration comes in different ways on different days for all of us...

...What inspires you ?


  1. What a gorgeous place! I hope to visit there one day! The Oregon coast doesn't have cliffs quite like that but they are beautiful and inspiring nonetheless and I love to go over there and just enjoy nature.

  2. you would love it Sharla!!! it's a trip i would happily make again!!! i'd love to see to Oregon too! ;)


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