Monday, January 17, 2011

It's More Than Monday!!!

Monday mornings are good place for me to tie up loose ends of things i want to accomplish during the new week! i'm inspired when i organize my thoughts & ideas...

Inspiration comes in different
ways for all of us...

...What inspires you ?

E 'più che Lunedì!
Il Lunedì mattina è ottimo per me per mettere in fila le cose che mi vorrei realizzare nel corso della nuova settimana! Mi sento ispirata quando organizzo i miei pensieri e le mie idee ...

L’ispirazione arriva in diversi modi per tutti?


  1. I spent the afternoon in a bead store and was bombarded with inspiration from the other people in my bracelet making class, the rows and rows of beads everywhere and the sun that was shining through the window! It was a much better way to spend a Monday than at work!

  2. sharla - that sounds like a perfect way to start a monday!! hope the rest of your week is good too!!!

  3. inspired to take a vacation when I see the mountain of "book work" needing attention! I need your organization techniques!

  4. no organization tips here...LOL it varies everyday!!!


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