Monday, January 10, 2011

It's More Than Monday

As a new week begins, Mondays are the perfect
place to stop and be inspired !

Looking into the face of a smiling child gives me
such a feeling of joy!!!
Inspiration comes in different
ways for all of us...
...What inspires you ? 


  1. That gorgeous little face would inspire anyone!!

    A snowy day sure is one way and we have another one here but really need to do other things today but we will see.

  2. Annie, I would have to say that the sunrise or sunset, mountains, water and trees and any fur babies inspire me :)

  3. i love hearing what things inspire people...that inspires me too ;) this is my new Monday's more than Monday!!!

  4. home decor magazines, as strange as it sounds <3

  5. doesn't sound strange at all rene - infact i totally understand how that can get the creative juices flowing!!!

  6. What a sweet little face!

    Furbabies and nature inspire me!


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