Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Did You Know?
Babies are born without knee caps!

No not really, but they don't start out as the knee caps we know. Made of cartilidge that develops into bone through ossification, baby knee caps don't show up on x-rays. Baby knee caps are very soft, flexible and actually pretty darn durable. With all of the crawling and the toddling that includes endlessly bumping them, baby's knees really are like little heavy duty shock absorbers. Ossification (cartilidge hardening to bone) starts at about 3 years of age and continues until about age 6. What devine timing for this process of ossification to start after the rugid, rough and tumble months of learning to crawl, stand and walk.  


  1. Wow, interesting! Love your new blog theme!

  2. thanks Mona - i've been discovering lots of fun new things! humans are incredibly incredible :D

  3. I learned a fun new fact today! Very interesting! And those baby legs are precious!

  4. i agree sharla...that a whole lot of chubby goodness!!! so cute and ready to explore the world! just gotta get their Mini-Mocs on and they'll be good to go!

  5. Wish I had those "shock absorber" knees now! :)


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