Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

The grasp reflex is one of many reflexes a baby is born with. Lay your finger on the palm of a baby's hand, and they will usually clamp  their tiny, butt mighty fingers around it. In fact, a newborn's grip is so strong that they can briefly support their own weight. 

A recent study has showed that when they hold on to their mothers, an infants' heartbeats slow, this suggests that babies receive a calming sense of security from contact with Mom.
As babies grow, they replace the involuntary grasping reflex with a keen interest in trying to control their movements, attempting to master such fascinating activities as spoon holding and sippy-cup-against-the-high-chair whacking. At this point, they move on to dropping, throwing, and letting go of everything in sight. Except, that is, when a coveted toy might be taken away, in which case they rediscover their iron grip. Whoever said taking candy from a baby is easy has obviously never tried.


  1. Great information Annie. I love when baby Camila does that to my finger ;)

    Leela, on the other hand, never did that, lol. She just comes and lays on my lap when she needs reassurance.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks Isa I'm glad you find it informative...I really love writing these baby/child health snippets.

    Give Leela an extra snuggle :D

  3. I do remember babies having a strong grip. Angel grabs at me from the nightstand whenenever I try to get out of bed. She's seems to think she'll get treats. Don't know why she thinks that! :)

    Have a great weekend Annie!

  4. i wonder why she thinks that too Sharla...hmmmm?! ;)

    Thank and you enjoy your weekend too....hope it's moving slow as can be!

  5. Love when they "hang on"....lasts such a short time before they are teenagers, and will do anything but! :)


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