Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Bounce your baby happy!!! 

Studies have shown that babies love to be bounced and that movement itself helps improve a baby's sense of balance and their ability to perceive movement. By gently bouncing a baby you're stimulating the vestibular system which is the system in our body that give us a sense of spacial orientation and allows us to react automatically to a change in elevation, direction & space. Bouncing a baby can actually help them improve motor skills like crawling and walking before they are even physically able to do them.
Researchers have also proven that even during independent play a baby can benefit from a bouncing movement. For example, a baby in a jumper seat learns that when they bends their legs and push off they can make herself move upward. When you are bouncing your baby or even a young child always use caution using only gentle & fluid bouncing motions.


  1. I don't know about bouncing babies but my Angel loves to lay on my shoulder while I bounce around and scratch her back - does that count? :)

    Have a wonderful Friday Annie!

  2. i think it does count Sharla...for sure!!!


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