Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Lets get to the "ROOT" of the matter! 
Lots of hair at birth doesn't necessarily mean lots of hair for life and just as a baby born bald can grow a thick full head of hair and keep it into their old age. By the sixth month of pregnancy a baby's hair follicles and the glands in the follicles are fully formed. The follicle glands begin to secrete an oily substance which will help keep the child hair and skin soft. There are about 100,000 hair follicles on the human scalp. Some babies are completely bald even when they hit their first birthdays while others have long thick hair. This is probably because some babies have hair that grows much more slowly than others. It is thought that hormones and heredity influence these hair growth patterns.

Although it has not been definitively proven scientists think that the shape of the hair follicle determines if a baby's hair will be straight or curly. Studies have shown people with round follicle have straight hair while those with oval or crescent shaped follicles grow curly or frizzy hair. 


  1. Interesting! I must have oval follicles because my hair is naturally curly.

  2. Interesting. It can change color too. My oldest son was born with dark hair. Then about a year old he had blond curls. Now he has dark wavy hair. Or I should say he does when he doesn't have it buzzed off.

  3. Chris i know what you mean...i was a toehead blonde as a little girl went to dark brown and now have tons of auburn!


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