Wednesday, December 14, 2011


USA / CLUE #5: As Santa flies through the sky he can see this US landmark glowing in the dark and can also see its reflection in the pool of water below.

ITALY / CLUE #5: Umberto Saba la definiva:" ...e' come un ragazzaccio aspro e veloce, con gli occhi azzurri e mani troppo grandi per regalare un fiore. Come un amore, con gelosia". Dove e' stato avvistato Babbo Natale!?  

REMINDER - Once you solve the clues DO NOT post the answers here until ALL clues have been revealed over the next 12 days! Keep track of ALL the answers & go to our FaceBook page on December 23nd and be the first to post them in order to win, it's that easy! ONLY OUR PAGE FANS CAN WIN!


  1. I have an idea of what this one is! I won't be entering though since my babies have four feet so can't wear those adorable Mini-mocs!

  2. nope Mini-Mocs aren't for four legged babies...but if you know anyone who has a baby or for a future babyshower gift...come and play if you'd like! :)


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