Wednesday, December 21, 2011


USA / CLUE #12: You could set your watch by it…just like clock work after traveling the world, Santa’s hard working reindeer like to take a hot shower at this US location.  

ITALY / CLUE #12: Babbo Natale ha cercato le Mini-Mocs  in un " Porto cugino alle renne"... 

ABOVE IS THE LAST CLUE FOR THE 12 DAY OF CHRISTMAS MINI-MOCS TREASURE HUNT!!! Be SURE YOU A RE A FAN if you're planning on playing. Review your 12 answers and their order before you post them. DO NOT post your answers to the clues UNTIL DECEMBER 23RD. Any entries that are posted prior to Dec 23rd or answers that are wrong or sequential order is incorrect will be deleted. We are so EXCITED to put the Mini-Mocs you helped Santa find onto a pair of sweet little feet! 


  1. You tripped me up on this one Annie! I hope someone figures them all out so a little one can have happy feet in their Mini-Mocs! It was fun to play along!

    Enjoy your day Annie!

  2. thanks Sharla!!! we are really looking forward to tomorrow too!


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