Monday, September 19, 2011

More than Monday!

My life has been so busy lately, i've been caring for mom, household things and trying to keep up with Mini-Mocs orders all on VERY little sleep...needless to say i've been feeling the strain of life's pressures. this past weekend something happened that hasn't in quite some husband took my hand and sat me down across from him and simply looked into my eyes, he didn't say a word, he just looked! it lasted for only a minute but in that moment i felt calm, peace, comforted & loved. with that simple look i knew everything was going to be okay. he gave me the inspiration i needed to continue doing what i needed to do. 

Inspiration comes in different ways on different days for all of us...
...What inspires you? 


  1. That's so wonderful that your husband knew exactly what you needed without any words to be said. If my husband did that, I'd wonder what the heck he was up to! :) I hope you are able to get more sleep soon! Hugs to you!

  2. Annie.... keep your chin up - you will make it! You are a very special person and your husband knows it!!


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