Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun Facts Friday



It is good for baby to spend time in a playpen, jumper or walker for stimulation.

FALSE: Although these devices can be quite helpful for very short time spans they can actually hinder a baby from learning how to move and explore the new world around them. When babies are given the opportunity to be on his belly on the floor, they will move and love every minute of it. All too often a baby is placed in a high chair, backpack carrier, playpen, car seat, or stationary walker, but a baby should be free to move on their bellies as much as possible, and confined, bundled up, or restricted as little as possible. This type of free movement stimulation promotes a sense of security, confidence and curiosity all while stengthening important neck and upper body muscles. 

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  1. I would imagine it's much for fun to have free movement. When I was little, my mom let me have "free range" because we had a Saint Bernard named Sally who was my babysitter and kept me corraled where I was safe and let my mom know when I went too far. Seriously! Guess that explains a lot about me huh?


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