Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun Facts



Babies Cannot Talk. 
FALSE:  Babies actually try to communicate almost all the time. It isn't easy because they can't make the same sounds that we adults understand as words. Because of this we often assume the sounds they're making are meaningless. On the contrary the sounds your baby is making are not just cooing & wooing, it IS language, all sounds are language.  Babies do not waste their breath saying nothing, remember just because you don't understand their language doesn't mean they don't clear understand it.  It is very important to listen & respond to your baby's effort to communicate. It is vital for the baby to know that their caregivers acknowledges they are in fact talking.

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  1. I've wondered if parent's understood what their babies were trying to say. I'm pretty fluent in Meow and Woo so I can understand what my furbabies are trying to say!


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