Monday, August 22, 2011

More than Monday...much more!!!

My "More than Monday" posts are normally done the night before & up by 7:00am but not today! This Monday and these past 6 days have been FULL of inspiration for me! My beautiful Mom had a bad fall on the 17th in the night (we are thankful it wasn't worse) but nonetheless it was definitely bad enough!!! She broke the pubic bone in her pelvic and I can't even imagine the pain she has been in. Yet I've watched her in these days lean on her inner strength & her deep faith to work through each painful movement.  After having a stroke in 2009 she worked tirelessly to regain her complete independence. And now being faced with this uphill challenge that promises to be a difficult and painful 8-10 week recovery my mom still finds the grace & strength to persevere and to run the race that is set before her. I love you Mom, you truly are an AMAZING woman and an inspiration to me & so many others!


  1. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman and I wouldn't expect any different with a wonderful daughter like you! I wish her all the best on her recovery!

  2. What beautiful insight on your Mom Annie....I now can see where your strength comes from, AND your faith! She remains in my prayers....she overcame once, she'll surely do so again!

  3. Thank you both SO much for your prayers and very kind words - they mean SO much!


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