Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Facts Friday



A baby's development pattern is predetermined.

FALSE: There is no preset alarm clock that determines when a baby will gain new skills & abilities.  Sensory pathways grow when they are appropriately stimulated with the proper frequency, intensity, and duration.
For example, a newborn usually has a less than a perfect visual light reflex (when a baby is exposed to light and the pupil constricts in response to that light). The sooner this reflex matures and becomes consistent, the sooner baby will develop the ability to see outline and then detail.
In most babies, this reflex is stimulated by accident whenever the baby is taken from darkness to light, but a mother can arrange for that 'accident' to happen with greater frequency and intensity so that the visual pathway grows more quickly in response to the enhanced stimulation. The development of language, touch sensory, crawling, walking and eye hand skills can all be stimulated in the same way through frequency & duration. 


  1. Your facts are always so interesting! Enjoy your Friday Annie!

  2. When I was a young mother, I used to get upset when moms would ask "When did your baby walk?" or "My baby got her first tooth EARLY!" If we take good care of our children, stimulation to new things will develop the child at his/her own rate, and we don't have to worry about "when?" Enjoy babyhood/motherhood, while you can. They grow up all too soon!

  3. Thanks ♥ Sharla!

    Hi Linda...i couldn't agree more. baby's do need to develop at their own pace...while writing this weeks article i was happy to find research that confirms the things mom's do naturally add so wonderfully to a baby's development.


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