Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Don't let the heat get to you!!!

Summer pregnancies can be difficult for a couple of reasons. There are so many more scheduled events that you feel obligated to attend but your energy levels are low and on top of that the summer heat & stickiness can be unbearable. Even when you in air-conditioning it may never feels quite cool enough. Happily with a little preparation and these simple tips can help keep you cool and enable you to manage and enjoy your summer pregnancy.

Tips for staying Cool & Healthy during your Summer pregnancy

  •          Schedule outdoor tasks in the early morning or evening when the sun is lower and temps are not too high.
  •           Avoid going out of doors when temps exceed 90F try to be near a fan or in air conditioning. 
  •           Wearing light-colored clothing will help cut the heat.
  •           Keep yourself well hydrated. Adding sports drinks can help to replace essential electrolytes.
  •           Sipping on a yummy “mocktail” is a sure way to stay cool – try out the delicious recipe below.
  •           Carry a spray bottle of water with you at all times.
  •           Sunscreens not only protect against over exposure but also can help keep you cool. Start with a SPF 15 or higher 20 minutes before you go out and then reapply throughout the day.
  •            Take several quick showers to keep cool.
  •            Keeping your feet up will help reduce swelling.
  •            Being careful of your salt intake will also help to minimize swelling.
  •            If you take several short naps throughout the day your energy levels will stay elevated.
  •           Asking for help when you’re feeling tired is a MUST.
  •           Don’t make unnecessary commitments, if it doesn't absolutely need to be done don't do it.

Pina Colada Smoothie: Combine 6 ounces frozen coconut yogurt, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 of a 20-ounce can of crushed pineapple, and 1 cup milk; blend until smooth.

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  1. Those are great tips for all of us! :) The mocktail sounds yummy!

    Hope you and your hubby have a great weekend Annie!


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