Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Facts Friday



Q. If you don't hold or nurse your child in the first few hours of life will you be able to bond adequately? 

A. NO - Fortunately many experts agree that this is pure myth. It's been suggested that there is only one chance to do things right as a mother and although research does show that the first few hours of baby's life are an important bonding time these hours do not dictate the bonds that will last a lifetime. Experts have seen time and time again that mothers having C-Sections, cases where newborns are in need of immediate medical attention apart from their mother or in the instances of infant adoption, very strong life long bonds are developed quickly. A loving relationship over the child's lifetime more than make up for those missing few hours, days or even weeks of separation at the beginning of life.


  1. That would be scary if it were true wouldn't it! Enjoy your Friday Annie!

  2. it would'd be surprised how many new moms worry about this-it's sad!

  3. interesting fact and myth, actually!!! Thanks for clearing it up for new mommies! I bonded with Chloe immediately....LOL!


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