Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

It takes a full 16 to 18 years for a human beings feet to fully develop. At birth your baby's feet are plumper and softer than adult feet so experts agree that it is crucial that their feet grow and develop in soft, flexible shoes. To avoid compressing and restricting baby’s feet, it is important to make sure that a baby’s shoes are loose enough that they are able to move around easily.In walks  Mini-Mocs soft sole shoes, the perfect solution for the healthy foot development of your child. With over 60+ styles to choose from and four sizes (& 2 more sizes coming soon) we've got your baby's feet covered. 


  1. Your minimocs are so cute! Hope those new sizes are adult sizes! :D

  2. i think they are pretty cute too (if i do say so myself) and it feels great to know there are lots of happy, healthy little feet out there because of Mini-Mocs! as far as adult sizes Sharla...not yet but hopefully someday!!!


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