Monday, June 13, 2011

More Than Monday

okay, so anyone who knows me knows i LOVE coffee and yes we all enjoy the way a cup of joe gives us some extra pep in our step...BUT when a sweet bit of java unexpectedly arrives in the mail, made from card stock, in an envelop, sweetened by the endearing & simple words written on the inside... that cup of coffee can make your heart do a little flip flop and fill up with happiness! i am inspired my dear dear friend Gaia, whose kindness and truly genuine expression of friendship warms my heart and starts my days with a smile. Thank you for the beautiful card mia cara amica - you made my day!!! i can't wait to see both of mia cara dolci topini!!!

Inspiration comes in different ways on different days for all of us...

...What inspires you ?


  1. Surprise cards in the mail are the best kind of special pick me ups!

  2. They are Sharla...such a wonderful treasure!

  3. Love little treats like that whether in the mail or in person.

  4. or by blog comment Mona! ;) good to see you!


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