Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

12 things you may not know about Babies
WEEK #12

Cry baby....
It is often said that instinctively parents know by the sound of their baby's cry weather they are  hungry, needing their diaper change or just tired. Don't worry if you still trying to figure out your baby's first language, it may take a little time to recognize the different tones of each cry. As time goes by you'll become fluent in "CRY" and will easily identify your baby's unique way of communicating their needs. From the loud shrieking of discomfort to a more subdued whimpering of fatigue, each request will be made with a different cry. Although "CRY" is the universal language for baby's they all "speak" it a little differently, in fact some baby's will howl for no reason at all. But no matter what their need may be more often then not you'll be able to meet it just by the sound of their cry. 


  1. I just thought a cry was a cry! Hmmm. I can understand "meow"!

  2. h yes A"MEOW" a whole other have your little chatter sounds when something exciting is on the birdie channel...and the short raspy little meow's just before they are ready to pounce on you if your a half inch too far to the left when you petting them...well you know! ;) hope your friday is happy Sharla!


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