Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

12 Things You May Not Know About Babies
WEEK #5!!!!
If your baby's hands & feet are chilly to the touch
don't be in a rush to crank up the thermostat or
bundle them up in anotherblanket, feel their torso.
If their tummy is warm and pink, your baby isn't chilled. For the first few months a baby's circulatory system is still developing, blood is directed to vital organs and other systems, where it is needed most. A baby's hands and feet are the last body parts to get a good blood supply. It can take several months for a baby's circulation to fully adapt to life outside the womb. during these months it's common for tiny fingers and toes to feel chilly and even look a little pale. As your baby becomes more mobile and active, his circulation will improve.


  1. Very interesting! My hands are always chilly too! :)

  2. you know what they say Sharla...cold hands warm heart!!! :)


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