Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Fun Facts / A Day Late Caused By Blogger Techno-Troubles

12 things you may not know about Babies

Maternal Hormones at Work Again!
After spending nine months directly attached to mommy, maternal hormones still course through baby’s chemistry make-up for a few weeks after birth. During these weeks baby girls can sometimes experience a small amount of bloody vaginal discharge. This is brought on by the same hormones that cause swollen testicles and labia in newborns, we mentioned in week #3 of our 12 week series. Finding a small smudge or smear of blood in your baby girls diaper is nothing to cause alarm, these mini mentural periods should last only a few days. Also there are times that highly concentrated urine can appear quite dark and look like blood especially in the folds of the diaper. Signs of bright red blood is not common and in this case you should take your baby to their pediatrician for medical attention.


  1. You are a fountain of information, Annie.

  2. Oh wow! That would scare me. Do babies come with manuals?

  3. Thanks Mona - my hope is that this 12 week series can give parents a little heads up on some things that are common but aren't commonly talked about.

  4. LOL Sharla - wouldn't that be handy! ;)


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