Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tag I'm It!!!

Sweet Sharla from BeadedTail tagged me with a game called
6 by 6. you play by finding the sixth image in your sixth
folder & tag six people to do the same.

my 6th folder is entitled "Lawn Damage" i haven't looked in this folder in quite some time because the damage that was done to our lawn has long been since repaired and truthfully i forgot all bout this sweet little guy - picture #6 in the folder was of a duck friend who visits us every spring looking for bread crumbs. i don't know what happened in my yard before my husband & i got home, but we pulled into the driveway to see our sweet "boss" standing tall up on our rooftop quacking up a storm. LOL silly duck!

here is the list of the sweet bloggers i've tagged
(hope you'll play along if you can)

for those of you visiting click on the links below
to find some really wonderful blogs!!!

1. Sweet Renee from CandyStickLane

2. SweetGretchen from Chichiboulie

3. Sweet Sparrow from BlueSparrow

4. Sweet Panda from PandaWithCookie

5. Sweet Lauren from LaurenAlexanderArt

6. Sweet Cindy from SewHappyDesigns


  1. Hooray! What fun, Im goin to post :) SMOOCHES!!!!!

  2. I'm glad you played along and I enjoyed seeing your picture! It's not often that I see ducks on a roof - in fact I don't think I've ever seen a duck on a roof! Anyway, thanks for playing Annie!

  3. Renee hi - can't wait to see your picture!!! thanks for playing!

    Sharla - thanks for tagging me - i had all but forgotten about that picture & pictures 1-4 were of our burnt lawn LOL we knew something happened to get him up there - it's the first and last time i've seen our duck on the roof LOL

  4. Lmao, how did I miss this blog? I will try and find my sixth folder and what not but I am not sure if that counts since there is two of us and I do most of the conversational leg work. We shall see though :)


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