Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Funnies

i was looking through our local paper today and came across a comic strip. it brought to the forefront a wonderful memory from my childhood. when i was a little girl every sunday after breakfast my dad would sit in his favorite chair (an eames like the one pictured) and read the Sunday Funnies. many times we would curl up in his lap and onto the broad arms of the chair (with 7 kids 1 lap only goes so far) to listen as he read. every week the newspaper would publish a humerous story or joke written by one of my dad's favorite writers. he would read that to us after he was done reading the comics. sometimes we were too young to really understand the punchline but even when that was the case hearing my dad laughing out loud at a silly story or joke would get us giggling.

February 22nd - SUNDAY FUNNY

Sherlock Holmes and Watson were on a camping and hiking trip. They had gone to bed and were lying there looking up at the sky. Holmes said, "Watson, look up. What do you see? "Well, I see thousands of stars." "And what does that mean to you?" "Well, I guess it means we will have another nice day tomorrow. What does it mean to you, Holmes?" "To me, my dear Watson it means someone has stolen our tent."
stop by next week for another SUNDAY FUNNY! - "How to give your cat a pill"

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  1. It's amazing the things we remember from our my day our "Sunday" funnies came in the Saturday paper...but my father would grab them and put them in a cupboard above the one was allowed to read the "Sunday funnies until Sunday"....that was the treat after church!! I love walking down memory lane.


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