Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

A Little Brain Power to Last a Lifetime... 
Nutrition plays a critical part in a baby's brain development. Breast milk offers the best mix of nutrients for promoting brain growth. Starting at about 6 months of age breast-fed baby's should receive some type of iron supplement. Infant cereals that are iron fortified are a perfect way of giving baby this very important mineral.  Baby's who are bottle fed should be given formula that contains iron.

Did You Know?
Research has clearly linked iron deficiency to cognitive deficits in children. Iron is critical for maintaining a healthy level of  red blood cells that carry oxygen, which is the fuel your child need for brain growth. It has been proven that children who endure iron deficiency actually have smaller brain mass.

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  1. There's so many things to know about babies! Thanks for teaching us a little every week Annie!

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