Monday, January 16, 2012

More than Monday!!!

The Etsy Angels Team, a team made up of talented entrepreneurs who have a passion to give back to the community are continuing their efforts to raise funds in January 2012 for a very special charity,  Joey's Eagles!  Our team will be hosting a BNR (Buy & Replace) Treasury on on January 17, 2012. This very worthy event will begin at 5:00pm - we sincerely hope you will join us for an evening of good conversation, fun, new discoveries, shopping and fundraising. 

Below you will find a link to each of the shops that are participating in this very important venture. For more information you can also visit our team forum thread.  



15% all sales in January

10% of January sales

3. ByNanasHands- 
10% of January sales and 50% of the Angels Joey's Eagles mascot

4. MamaJody54- 
20% of all January sales and 50% of cozies

5. BeadedTail - 
15% of all January sales

6. Maryann, crochetbymsa - 
20% of all sales for the month of January

10% of all sales for the month of January

8. OOh Leela! -
15% of all sales for the month of January

9. ArrivingAngels -
10% of all sales for the month of January

10. BeadzNStonezSupplies -
$20 donation

11. CBLand Company -
20% on reg. priced items and 10% on clearance items.

12. JewelryBargainShop -
10% of sales

13. Judy
10% of sales

14. Maranda's Paper Boutique
10% of Sales

15. justByou -
10% of January sales

16. Silk Creek Gallery -
10% of January Sales

17. Chloe Boutique (wildlifer78)
15% of all January sales

18. MyGifts2U-
I will donate the whole sale of a daisy link bracelet to Joey's Eagles.

19. CloudNineDesignz-
10% off all of my January sales. 

20. AJStuff -
10% of all my January sales

21. ArrighiBaby-

10% of all of my January sales 

22. Starwaves- 20% of all January sales for jewelry for patterns


  1. Thanks Annie for the feature... I hope we have a wonderful month of sales for Joey's EAgles... a very worthy cause.

  2. hope so too's such a very important cause!!!

  3. BNRs are so much fun! I hope I get a chance to participate and hope it's a success for everyone!

  4. Great post Annie! Looking forward to the BNR and raising a lot of money for Joey's Eagles ♥


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