Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

Current statistics show that nearly one in three mothers in the U.S. gives birth by Cesarean section which is a record high rate for America. One of the top reasons for the increase in C-sections is rising number of doctors who are hesitant to perform vaginal births after Cesarean. Doctor's once speculated that the danger of a uterine rupture was more likely to occur with women who had previously given birth by C-Section. However new medical studies
have found this happens in only one percent of the cases. Unfortunately regardless of these new findings many doctor's still refuse to perform vaginal births rather than C-Sections because of a fear of malpractice lawsuits. While a fear of lawsuits plays a major role in the rising in number of C-sections there are possible risks for babies born by C-sections. For instance, they are more likely to develop respiratory problems such as asthma. Mothers also have a higher risk of infection, long term pelvic pain, blood clots, and the C-Section procedure may even complicate future pregnancies. Every pregnancy is unique and decisions should be made by exploring all options with a qualified physician.


  1. Very interesting...thanks for the information, Annie.

  2. you're welcome Mona! i found it so interesting and VERY sad that fear of a possible lawsuit somehow come before the health of a baby or mother. i know C-sections are in some cases neccessary but it shouldn't become common practice.

  3. That is interesting and it is sad how possible lawsuits affect medical care these days.


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