Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

It's right there in Black & White...

Did You Know?

All newborns are far-sighted at birth, at close range they see only shadows. At about 10 weeks of age a babies cone of vision increases from 30 degrees at birth to 180 degrees. Although at this age a baby cannot see minute detail, they are strongly attracted to points of high contrast. Playing with toys that are primarily black & white or wearing black & white clothing is wonderful way to stimulate your baby's senses. Introducing as much black & white into your baby's surroundings for the first six months of life is truly benficial. High-contrast colors (black,white & red) easily capture & hold a baby’s attention. This encourages visual development along with physical activity – such as kicking, waving their arms and wiggling about. One certain thing that experts and parents both agree on is that along with high contrast items one of baby's favorite points of focus is their parents faces — which works out really well because parents love to look right back at baby.


  1. Black, white and red - the colors of Mickey Mouse! :)

  2. That is an interesting fact! Maybe I should get busy making up some nun baby toys! You don't get much more "black and white" than that!!

  3. Linda - LOL that sounds like a really wonderful idea!!! you should explore that - truly!


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