Friday, May 1, 2009

More Wonderful Goodness for Etsy Mommies

85 shops 25 moms all brought together in the Spring Etsy Baby Shower this past April 18th - we're still showcasing these wonderfully generous and talented shops! below you'll meet 24 more shops of excellence and one more shop owner who agreed to answer a few questions for us.

Suzann from Grannyzann shared a little something about herself this post and her thoughts about the Etsy Baby Shower. Thanks Suzann!

1. how did you learn your craft?
I actually learned basic sewing skills as a child from an family friend and have been both self taught and taken every class I can in the last 40 years. I love to try new techniques and have sewn everything from the most basic of pillows to a wedding gown and all of the bridal party clothing. I have recently started making the "Granny's Little Blessing" dolls in my shop and I just love doing them and sharing a bit of the Lord's love with each one that goes out.

2. how long have you been creating baby products?
I have been creating baby products for the past 40 years as well with a renewed interest when my 1st granddaughter Kaylee was born. She is now almost 5 and has been sewing herself for over a year and just loves it.

3. what made you decide to participate in the etsy baby shower?
What could be better than a baby shower:) I just love them and to provide a special gift to a fellow etsian was just a joy and honor.

4. given your experience with th etsy baby shower would you participate again?
Yes I would love to participate again.

5. any comments you'd like to add?
This is a special thank you for you Annie! You had a big task with putting together the baby shower and it was sooo wonderful and now to be doing the blog for the shops is just icing on the top and I just wanted to say how sweet you are and how much it is appreciated. Thanks again for offering to featuring me.

1. GirlieMomma 2. BellaSymphony 3. Babesh

4. SavoieFairePhoto 5. ThePilaShoppe 6. KraftyLadyKreations

7. bijouxdesignsforyou 8. krispybanana 9. perfectlyprecious

10. SoapsRUs 11. BaresockCrafts 12. knitrgal

13. ThePinkZebra 14. sewinggranny 15. DaisyCreek

16. locoMOmomma 17. sugarvillage 18. WigglyToothFactory

19. LilyBugBoutique 20. roseprintsonline21. PolkaTods

22. TutuCuteandmoore 23. sweetcuddlecakes 24. birdandbean


  1. Such cute items! My babies have fur but I see wonderful items for me too!

    By the way, your comment on my blog today made me chuckle so much! Thanks for that!

  2. What wonderful items! So original! Now, just need to find a shop that sells the babies to go with these items! :)

  3. Wow the gifts are soo great - so much talent on Etsy :0 Thank you Annie for featuring myself and the others it is very much appreciated.

  4. ♥ ~ Beaded i could feel Sadies pain. LOL

    ♥~ Nun if you find that shop call me eh? :)

    ♥ panda thought you might like that bunny! LOL

  5. you're welcome ♥ Grannyzann i've really enjoyed working with everyone!

  6. Fantastic job Mini-Mocs...I have a pair of KraftyLady's crochet shoes..bought them for my grandson...Love them!

  7. Oh this is so wonderful to be able to see all the cute items that were given at the shower!!
    Thanks so much Annie for posting everyone's beautiful gifts!!


  8. Thanks myminimocs for all you have done to make the Etsy baby shower a success! So many nice gifts were given by shop owners. I'm sure the new mommies will be thrilled!

  9. Some great items! I like the tooth fairy pillows.

  10. Wow! so many wonderful items. Why ever would anyone shop the high street shops???

  11. Thank you Grannyzann for the beautiful doll, it's perfect!

  12. Jodi,

    Thank you so much - it was my pleasure:)

  13. Wow I love everything! Such precious items....Have a great weekend my friend:-)


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